Paying half

If you would like to pay less into your pension every month, you can now pay half of your usual contributions into a new 50/50 section.

While you are paying into the 50/50 section, ill-health, death and survivors’ benefits remain the same, but pension accrual rate will be 1/98th instead of 1/49th.

You can choose to opt back to pay 100% at any time and there is no limit on the number times you can opt between the 50/50 and main 100% sections.

If you decide to join the 50/50 section you will automatically revert back to the 100% section in the following circumstances:

If you stop receiving pay due to sickness/injury.
If your employer’s re-Auto Enrolment date falls during your time in the 50/50 section of the scheme. (Please check with your employer when this is).

You can get forms and information about 50/50 from your employer or below:

50/50 formĀ