Firefighters Pension Schemes

At a glance (1992/2006 schemes)

General overview

The Firefighters Pensions schemes are an important part of your employment package and is a valuable benefit on top of your pay.

With both the 1992 and 2006 scheme you can look forward to:

  •  A secure pension. The benefits you get when you retire are based on the length of your membership in the scheme and your final year’s pay. The pension you build up during your employment keeps pace with your pay rises. And after you retire, your pension keeps pace with cost of living increases.
  •  Tax-free cash. You have the option to exchange part of your pension for some tax-free cash on your retirement.
  •  Peace of mind. There’s cover in the event of your early retirement on the grounds of permanent ill-heath. Your family also enjoys financial security, with immediate life cover and a pension for your spouse, civil partner, children, and in addition,  with the 2006 scheme, nominated co-habiting partner, in the event of your death.
  • Final salary scheme. This means your benefits are normally based on your final year’s pensionable pay, (last 365 days), and the number of years you have been in the scheme.