At a glance (1992/2006 schemes)


This section has been split for those firefighters that are approaching retirement, and those that have already retired and are in receipt of their pension benefits.

Generally, it’s important to start preparing early for your retirement. As well as money, you need to think about your health and fitness, how you’ll spend your time and where you’ll live. Planning ahead can be difficult, but the sooner you start the easier it will be.

As a member of the Firefighter Pension Scheme, you are able to retire voluntarily from as early as age 50 subject to 25 years service in FPS 1992 and age 55 with a reduction in FPS 2006. This is especially young when you consider that you will not receive your State Pension until age 60 / 65+. Your lifestyle will change, which means you should ensure that you have sufficient funds in place to support your retirement. Re- employment could also be something to consider.

Pre Retirement

This section provides you with the information you need if you are approaching retirement.  Making the necessary arrangements for your retirement can be a testing and stressful time, but we aim is to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Calculation of your pension

The calculation of your pension and lump sum retirement benefits is based on your final pensionable salary, together with your reckonable service in the scheme.  For more information on how your benefits are calculated please see the scheme guide held in the forms and documents section of our website.

Please see our Retirement Processes Leaflet for more information.


Post Retirement

This section provides you with the useful information you need during your retirement.

Monthly Pension Payments

Gloucestershire County Council Fire and Rescue


Your monthly pension will be paid by Gloucestershire County Council (Business Services Centre) and any associated issues you may have relating to payment of your monthly pension should still be directed to the Business Services Centre as below:

Contact details : phone 01452 324163 or 01452 324130

email –


Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue

Your monthly pension will be paid by Peninsula Pensions.

After the first pension payment you will not receive a pay advice every month unless your net pension differs by more than £1 from the previous month’s amount.  However, you will always receive a pay advice and P60 in April/May of each year.

Please inform us of any change in circumstances which may affect the payments of your pension. Although pensions are paid on the last working day of every month, we have to prepare the records up to 2 weeks in advance. As a result, changes to address/bank details received after around the 16th of each month (January to November) and after the 4th of December will not be updated until the following month.

We will issue you with a P60 ever April, however if you require a replacement there is a cost of £5, which is deducted from your next month’s payment. To order a duplicate P60 please click here.

Tax Code Queries

The pensioner payroll teams apply the tax codes as directed by HMRC; they are not able to tell you why you have a particular tax code.

If you have a query regarding the tax code assigned to your pension, you should contact HMRC on 0845 366 7830.

The pensioner payroll teams are told by the tax office which tax code should be applied to your pension; they have no role in determining how much you are to be taxed. Only the tax office themselves can tell you why a particular code has been applied to your pension.

Overseas Payments:

It is possible to pay your pension in to most overseas bank accounts, please contact the relevant pensioner payroll section for more details and to request the appropriate form.

Cost of living increases

On attaining age 55, each April, your pension will increase in accordance with cost of living increases and you will be notified of the increase at the end of April each year.  If on leaving employment you were retired on ill heath before age 55, and you were determined to not be capable of duties of a firefighter and in addition, of any other regular employment, you will not have to wait until age 55 for this increase.

Any pension increase is determined by the previous September’s Consumer  Price Index (CPI).

If an increase is due it is applied to you whether you are a retired member, or receiving a survivor’s pension.

If you haven’t been on pension a full year, then you won’t get a full year’s increase.


You may decide to take up further employment once you have retired and your pension may be reduced or suspended.

Death of a pensioner

Please inform the relevant pensioner payroll team of the death of a scheme pensioner member as soon as is practicable. You may contact us by telephone – 01392 383000 (Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue) – 01452 324163  (Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue) – or use this form.

If a pensioner dies, there may be a lump sum and a survivor’s pension payable to the spouse, civil partner, or nominated cohabiting partner (FPS 2006 and 2015 only).

Don’t forget to let us know if:

  • you change address – You can let us know in writing, or email or using this form –Change in member details.
  • you change your bank or building society account. You can only let us know by writing to us, using our form – change-your-pension-payment-details or by calling at our office.
  • you accept another job with an employer who takes part in the Firefighters Pension Scheme.  You must tell us this in writing.


Please note:

Peninsula Pensions, GFRS and DSFRS are unable to provide you with any financial advice, therefore it may be worth seeking Independent Financial Advice when making various decisions concerning your retirement.