Firefighters Pension Schemes

Re employment (all schemes)


You may choose to find work again after retiring. Depending on who you work for, your new employment may affect the firefighter pension you are receiving.

Pensioners who return to employment within the fire service, whether uniformed or non uniformed, may have their pension reduced or suspended (abated) during the period of re-employment. The abatement will continue until you cease employment.

For example:

Final salary before retiring£28,000
FPS/FPS 2006 pension£14,000
Maximum allowed without affecting your pension£14,000
New employment in Fire Service£17,000
FPS/FPS 2006 pension will now be£11,000


Taking up employment outside the fire service will NOT affect your Firefighter retirement pension in any way.

On final retirement when re-employment comes to an end, pensioners who have had their pension reduced, will receive their full FPS/FPS 2006 pension.

Those who made further pension contributions will receive separate retirement benefits of a pension and lump sum entitlement based on the length of service and pensionable pay in the re-employment.

Please contact us if you have any questions to ensure you understand your options before taking up re-employment. You can find the teams contact details within the contact us section of the website.