The Local Government Pension Scheme – Employer

If you are a member authority in either the Devon or Somerset pension funds, this section is for you.

A list of all employing bodies can be found here

** UPDATE ON GDPR – please see our guidance **


2018/19 employee contribution bandings

We have now received confirmation of the new bandings for employee contributions and the revised table can be found here


Employer Training Sessions

We are always happy to run employer training sessions to help those who:

  • are responsible for advising us of new members/ leavers
  • are responsible for submitting the information to us providing help on areas such as calculation of final pay and completing pension forms.

If you feel you would benefit from training or are interested in hosting any sessions for a number of employers to attend, please contact Emma Davies. Alternatively, one-to–one training can also be arranged.

Our e-newsletter the Pensions Line will keep you informed about the latest changes to legislation and keep you informed about your responsibilities as an employer. If you would like to be added to our emailing for the newsletter, please email Emma Davies

Please keep us updated with:

  • IDRP Stage 1 Appeals Officer  – The person appointed in your organisation to determine the Stage 1 Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure appeals by completing the IDRP Stage 1 Appeals Officer Form
  • Contacts – The names of your staff responsible for completion of our forms (authorised signatories) and who will be first point of contact for any queries, this is crucial to ensure we provide an efficient service to you. This can be done by completing the Employer Contact Details Form

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