The Local Government Pension Scheme – Employer

Employer Self Service

Employer Self Service is free to use and provides employers with direct access to members pension records held on our system (Altair) via a secure web connection.

You will have to register to use ESS via this link:

ESS provides employers with the ability to:
• Create new starters
• Direct notification of changes in members hours
• Direct notification of changes in members details (name, pay reference and address)
• Perform individual member estimates (to obtain redundancy strain costs for example)

Notifying us of a leaver via Employer Self Service

You will need to use ESS to notify us of all leavers – it’s a simple 2 step process:
Step 1 – Download the form, complete it and then upload it directly to the members record.
Step 2 – Complete the ‘Notification of a Leaver’ screen so we know a form needs to be actioned.
It’s important you do both stages – if you don’t, we will not know there is a form to action.

To help you through the process, there is some guidance and a short video below in the guidance section.

Details how to register can be found in the user guide below. Once you have registered, please contact the Employer & Communications Team if you require access to multiple employers, e.g. if you are an Academy where you have separate employer numbers for each individual school.

When we authorise access to Employer Self Service (ESS), the authorised contact will be able to view all the employee’s listed under that employer number. In the case of Multi Academy Trusts (MAT’s) who report as one entity, this means that any users registered under that employer will be able to see the employee’s records for all schools within that MAT. Please note that we would not authorise access for a delegated payroll provider unless they provide the service for all schools within the MAT.

A user guide has been developed to help you navigate the menu’s which can be found below and within ESS but if you would like some training, please contact the Employer & Communications Team

We would like to capture some user feedback, so please take a few minutes to complete this short survey: ESS Survey

ESS Guidance:

Registration Guide

Full User Guide

Leaver Process Guide

Leaver Process Video

Help with completion of the Leaver Form

Work Activities Video