Pension Sharing

The LGPS allows pension credit members to transfer the value of the pension credit to another qualifying pension scheme or arrangement (other than to another LGPS fund) any time up to one year before age 65 . Pension credit benefits cannot be combined with any rights a you may have in the LGPS in your own right – for instance, as a result of being a contributor to the scheme.

If you choose to keep it with us, you can have it with a reduction from age 55 or without a reduction from your normal retirement age.

If a pension sharing order is put in place, the pension will be retained by us, until you reach retirement age.

If you receive a share of your partner’s pension you may have some choices as to what you can do with it. These could include:

  • becoming a member of your partner’s pension scheme
  • transferring a sum of money to your own pension
  • transferring a sum of money to a new pension you have set up

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