Already a member of the LGPS

Topping up benefits

You may wish to top up your pension and there are four ways you can do this:

  1. Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs). This is an in-house option offered through Prudential.
  2. Buying Additional Pension Contributions (APCs). You can elect to buying additional pension by taking out an Additional Pension Contribution (APC) contract.  For more information on buying an APC please read the factsheet Topping up your LGPS pension.
  3. Free standing additional voluntary contributions (FSAVCs). These voluntary contributions would be made to a company of your choice.
  4. Paying into a stakeholder or personal pension plan. This arrangement is outside the scope of the LGPS.

Whichever of the first two choices you choose, the extra contributions will come straight out of your pay.  Because they all count as pension contributions, you will get tax relief if you are a tax payer. However, you will have to pay the full cost yourself as, unlike your normal benefits, these extra benefits aren’t subsidised by your employer. We strongly suggest you read our Buying Additional Pension guide and then if you require any further information please contact us.

Do you currently contribute to the in-house AVC with the Prudential? If you are currently contributing to our in-house AVC with the Prudential you can access your account online. This allows you to view your current fund choices, as well being able to switch funds and redirect future contributions into the different funds available to your scheme.

Check the document Prudential AVC ECommerce Guide for a brief guide on how to use the online facility.