Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Joining the Scheme

Who can join the Local Government Pension Scheme?

To be able to join the LGPS you need to be under age 75 and work for an employer that offers membership of the scheme. If you are employed by a designated body, such as a town or parish council, or by a non-local government organisation which participates in the LGPS (an admission body), you can only join if your employer nominates you for membership of the scheme.

Police officers, operational firefighters and, in general, teachers and employees eligible to join another statutory pension scheme (such as the NHS Pension Scheme) are not allowed to join the LGPS.

If you start a job in which you are eligible for membership of the LGPS you will be brought into the scheme, unless your contract of employment is for less than 3 months in which case you can opt to join by completing our opting in form and returning it to your payroll provider to action.

Is it worth joining the scheme if I am only employed on a part-time or temporary contract?

Is it worth joining the scheme if I am only employed on a part-time or temporary contract?
Every pound earned is a pound that counts towards your eventual pension benefits. You may work less than full-time – maybe just a couple of hours a week – but if you stay in local government employment for a number of years, your pension account will grow and help you live the life you want upon retirement. If the cost of contribution is an issue, you may wish to consider the scheme’s 50/50 option

I have previously opted out of the Local Government Pension Scheme. Am I allowed to opt back in again?

You are allowed to opt out of the scheme and opt back in as many times as you like.  Also, there are also no limitations on re-entering the scheme if your contract expired, you left council employment or your contract terminated. You can do so by completing our opting-in form.

Do I have to join my new employer’s pension scheme?

You are under no obligation to join your new employer’s pension scheme. If the pension scheme that is offered doesn’t meet your requirements, you can choose not to join. You will not be able to contribute to the LGPS, but you will have the freedom of paying into a personal pension plan of your choice. An independent financial advisor will be able to advise you.