Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Post Retirement

Could I have my pension paid as a cheque, rather than into a bank account?

We no longer offer a cheque service because BACS (Bank Automated Clearing System) is considerably more reliable than sending cheques every month.


Is it possible to have my pension paid into a bank or building society account that isn’t registered under my name?

No, we can only pay a pension into an account belonging to the pensioner in question. However, we can pay the money into a joint account as long as the pensioner is one of the recognised account holders.

What if the pensioner is unable to sign documents or take responsibility for their actions?

In this case, a Power of Attorney may be required, which will allow the authorised person to act with complete authority on the pensioner’s behalf and remove the necessity for proof of the pensioner’s acceptance. Find out more at and click on ‘Making decisions for someone else’.

Will my pension be affected if I re-commence employment with another local authority or an employer who contributes to the LGPS?

Entering a new employment covered by the LGPS could affect the value of your pension if you are already getting a pension from the LGPS. If you are thinking about applying for a new job, contact us with the hours and salary details and we will let you know how much your pension will be reduced (if at all).

My pension has suffered a ‘modification’ deduction. Why?

This deduction has been applied to your pension because you belonged to the Local Government Pension Scheme between 6 July 1948 and 31 March 1980. during which time you would have paid a lower rate of contribution compared to that of your post-April 1980 service. In order to make up the short-fall, the contribution difference is recouped from your pension on an annual basis (roughly £1.70 for every year of membership which falls between the dates shown). These deductions start as soon as you reach state retirement age.

What happens if a pensioner becomes unable to organise his or her own affairs?

We can accept correspondence on behalf of a pensioner, even though the person may not personally have written or composed the letter, as long as there is proof that they approve of its contents (i.e. their signature on the bottom of the document). This should cover the majority of issues a pensioner would normally have with us, such as address or bank account changes.

What happens if I don’t agree with the tax code being applied to my pension?

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) should have posted you notification of a change in tax code. We apply the tax codes and make sure the correct payments are made from the monthly payroll, but do not control the code itself. Any query about your tax should be made to HMRC on 0300 200 3200 (please have your National Insurance number to hand).

When can I expect my pension to be paid into my bank account every month?

Pensions are paid on the last working day of every month. If the end of the month falls on a weekend, the pay date will be brought forward to the preceding Friday. Payments generally take no longer than one complete working day in order to pass through BACS (Bank Account Clearing System).

Why don’t I receive a payslip every month?

We no longer routinely send payslips each month, to reduce costs and environmental waste. Pay advices are sent out every April and May (end of financial year details), and are sent to any member whose pension has seen a net change that month of more or less than £1.

My P60 shows that I received less pension this year than the Annual Pension figure found on my pay advice. Why?

The figure on your Annual Pension pay advice operates on the calendar year, with each month commencing on the 1st. The figure on the P60 operates on the financial year which often doesn’t start until the second week of April. Pensions Increase is always applied from the first Monday after 6 April. The week or two difference between these dates means figures will never be exactly the same. You are still receiving your full entitlement, it’s just those first couple of weeks which fall into the previous financial year.

Can you provide me with a replacement for my mislaid/never received P60?

We can let you have the information your P60 would have shown, although we are cannot provide a duplicate of the P60 itself. So the information will be in the form of a letter which will contain the same information your P60 would normally show. Please contact us, stating which tax year details you wish to be provided with.