Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Previous Service

What happens if I leave my employment before a transfer of previous service has been completed?

If we receive notice that you have left, or intend leaving your local government employment before your transfer has been completed, we write to your home address requesting confirmation that you wish the transfer to proceed. If we do not receive confirmation from you within one month of the date of the letter, the transfer will be cancelled and your benefits (or refund of contributions) will be calculated solely on the service accrued while in this employment.

Can I buy back a period of service I didn’t contribute to at the time?

No, you can’t resurrect a previous period of non-contributed service. However you can top up benefits in different ways. See the Topping Up factsheet.

I have previously contributed to the LGPS through your/another authority. What happens to this membership?

Service accrued by you which does not qualify for a preserved benefit will be automatically unfrozen and added to your current LGPS post. Where you are entitled to a preserved benefit you will be asked if you wish to join the benefits together or not.

If I can transfer, how much will it buy in the LGPS?

After you have stated your interest in a transfer we will calculate the additional pension this will buy you in the LGPS and write to you so that you can confirm if you wish to proceed.

Can you advise on my transfer/retirement?

No, we are not permitted to offer advice to you on any aspect of your pension (regardless of how trivial the issue may seem). Of course we will provide you with the necessary information on which to base a decision, but you should take advice from an independent financial adviser.