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Peninsula Pensions is asking you to take time on Wednesday 15 September to think about your pension, as part of Pension Awareness Day. They would like to remind us of the following information which can help when making plans for future finance, whatever stage of career you are at.

Member Self Service is easy to access and use. As well as using it to check information we hold, produce your own estimates, update personal information and view documents you can now upload documents and send Peninsula Pensions’ messages. More information and a short video on Peninsula Pensions’ website is there to help you.

The pandemic has made many people reassess their lives and has seen people changing careers and also retiring early. If this resonates with you, have you thought about Flexible Retirement?

With your employer’s agreement you can ease yourself into retirement from the age of 55 by reducing your hours and/or grade and still gain access to your pension. General information can be found on the Peninsula Pensions website. But if you want to know more speak to your HR team.

Unfortunately during the pandemic there has been an increase in pension scams with a move to online scams. Scammers are targeting people searching for investments online and through social media. Please increase your awareness by visiting Peninsula Pensions website for further information.

When you join the LGPS you are brought into the main scheme, however did you know that to help finances short term you could opt to pay into the 50/50 scheme?

Alternatively you may have recently looked at your personal benefit statement and want to increase contributions to improve your retirement income.

More information on the options available to you can be found on the Peninsula Pensions contribution pages.  As you can see from the links above there is a lot of information on the Peninsula Pensions website. There is also the government-backed MoneyHelper website which has lot of information to help people with all aspects of finance.

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