Devon Pension Fund and Investments

Pension Board

The Public Sector Pensions Act 2013 introduced a requirement for Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Administering Authorities such as Devon County Council, to establish a Pension Board. The purpose of the Pension Board is to assist the Administering Authority in securing:

  • compliance with LGPS and any other relevant legislation;
  • compliance with requirements imposed by the Pensions Regulator in relation to the LGPS;
  • the effective and efficient governance and administration of the LGPS.

The Devon Pension Board consists of nine persons; four persons representing Devon Pension Fund employers, including two elected Members of Devon County Council (as the administering authority) , four persons representing Devon Pension Fund members, and one independent person (who does not fall under any of the other categories).


Fund Member Representatives

Mr Andrew Bowman

Ms Heather Keightley

Mr Colin Shipp

Mr Paul Phillips


Employer Representatives

Councillor Brian Greenslade (Chairman)

Councillor Sara Randall Johnson

Mr Carl Hearn

Mr Graham Smith


Independent Member

Mr William Nicholls


If you would like to contact the Pension Board please click on the name of your representative.



The agenda and minutes from meetings of the Pension Board can be found here.


Further Information

The terms of reference for the Pension Board and the Devon Pension Fund’s Governance Policy are appended below.

Devon Pension Board Terms of Reference

Devon Pension Fund Governance Policy from April 2015