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The passing of a loved one is always a difficult moment. If a member of the Police Pension Scheme has passed away, the earlier you can inform us, the easier it will be to arrange things. We have listed the procedure below, which should help you along.

Get in touch

If the deceased was still was still actively contributing to their pension, Police pension Authority will contact the Administration team to help your next of kin through the process.

Otherwise, to report the death of a Police Pension Scheme member, the Spouse, next of kin or personal representative should complete Report a death – Peninsula Pensions. Alternatively, can contact the administration team on 01392 383000, ask for Pensions, and choose option 2.

Required information

We will need to know the deceased’s membership number or National Insurance Number, their date of death, your relationship to them, your own contact details and whether there is a surviving spouse or dependent children.

What we’ll do

We will respond and request any copy of certificates or other documents necessary.

Upon receipt of these, we will verify if any benefits are due, and if there are any, advise dependants of these benefits, including any lump sum.

If the deceased was in receipt of a pension under the Scheme, we will suspend pension payments, advise of any overpayments, and if applicable set up any dependant pensions.

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