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  • Technical Manager

    The Technical Manager’s work supports the Strategic Management Team and is integral to the smooth running of Peninsula Pensions. 

    Name Title
    Mike Germon Technical Manager
  • Employer and Communications Team

    The Employer and Communications team provides education, training and support for all employers with responsibilities under the LGPS, Police, and Firefighter pension schemes. The team provides presentations to scheme members on a variety of pension topics at the request of the employer. They also oversee all external communication including the Peninsula Pensions website.

    Name Title
    Emma Davies Senior Employer and Communications Officer
    Mark Griffin Employer and Communications Officer
    Beverly Clegg Employer and Communications Pensions Assistant
    Molly Milkins Employer and Communications Pensions Assistant
  • Member Services Teams

    The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Member Services Teams are grouped into employer teams who are responsible for the majority of work performed on behalf of current, deferred and prospective members of the scheme. The work ranges from general administration (such as address/name changes, requests for scheme literature, and transfer requests to previous employers) to the actual calculations and payment of retirement benefits.

    Devon schemes (not including DCC, Police and Fire non-officer schemes, and Plymouth University)

    Name Title
    Chris Collyer Team Manager
    David Morris Pensions Officer
    Lee Hopkins Senior Pensions Assistant
    Rhiannon Whyte Senior Pensions Assistant
    Nick Jones Senior Pensions Assistant
    Sian Bond Senior Pensions Assistant
    Emma Henderson Senior Pensions Assistant
    Leanne Godfrey Senior Pensions Assistant
    Jade Blakey Senior Pensions Assistant
    Pippa Cutler Pensions Assistant
    Janet Dooley Pensions Assistant

    Somerset schemes (not including Police and Fire non-officer schemes) and Devon & Cornwall Police non-officer scheme

    Name Title
    Fiona Samways and Amy Gammon Team Manager
    Vicki Pritchard Pensions Officer
    Steph King Senior Pensions Assistant
    Ben Snowden Senior Pensions Assistant
    Claire Kissane Senior Pensions Assistant
    Sarah Addicott Senior Pensions Assistant
    Helen Nettleton Senior Pensions Assistant
    William Moore Senior Pensions Assistant
    Leah Ripley Senior Pensions Assistant
    Megan Kilbey Pensions Assistant

    Devon County Council, Avon & Somerset Police non-officer, Fire non-officer schemes and Plymouth University

    Name  Title
    Annette Wass Team Manager
    Neil Pook Pensions Officer
    Paul Toogood Senior Pensions Assistant
    Vicky Shepherd Senior Pensions Assistant
    Kathryn Towl Senior Pensions Assistant
    Kim Drew Senior Pensions Assistant
    Chris Harris Senior Pensions Assistant
    Michelle Abrahams Senior Pensions Assistant
    Euan Hartnell Pensions Apprentice

    Member Services Support Team

    Vadims KapkajevsTeam Manager
    Tony SullivanPensions Officer
  • Police and Fire Team

    The Police and Fire Team is responsible for the majority of work performed on behalf of current, deferred and prospective members of the Police and Fire Pension schemes we administer. The work ranges from general administration (such as address or name changes, requests for scheme literature, and transfer requests to previous employers) to the actual calculations and payment of retirement benefits.
    Name  Title
    Lee Jones Team Manager
    Rob Kean Pensions Officer
    Joana Osorio Senior Pensions Assistant
  • First Response Team
    Name Title
    Marcella Parr Team Manager
    Kalin Lane Pensions Officer
    Luan Crawford Senior Pensions Assistant
    Nicky Cobb Senior Pensions Assistant
    Christine Tucker Senior Pensions Assistant
    Lucy Owen Senior Pensions Assistant
    Georgina Bird Senior Pensions Assistant
    Alice Dennis Pensions Assistant
    Hollie Norton Pensions Assistant
    Jamie Wyman Pensions Assistant
    Alice Andrews Pensions Apprentice
  • Technical and Training Team

    The Technical and Training team provides the technical advice and training to Peninsula Pensions staff.  They manage all procedures and yearly projects such as Annual Allowance.  They also deliver presentations to scheme members on specific LGPS topics as required.

    Name Title
    Emma Sanders Senior Technical and Training Officer
    Melissa McCarthy Senior Technical and Training Officer
    Nick Baggot Technical and Training Officer
    Robert May Team Manager (Projects)
    Jaki Wilmott Senior Pensions Assistant 
  • Pensioner Payroll Team

    The Pensioner and Payroll team manages payrolls on behalf of the Local Government, Police and Fire Pension Schemes administered by Peninsula Pensions.

    Name Title
    Alexander Thompson Pension Payroll Manager
    Tegan Stainer Payroll Officer
    Natalie Boyer Senior Pension Payroll Assistant
    Chris Samus Pensions Apprentice
  • Finance Team

    The Finance team is responsible for the producing and monitoring the Pension Admin Budget and closure of its accounts, debt recovery, payment of invoices, allocation of bank payments, financial coding structure and reconciliation of payroll and other financial requirements.

    Name Title
    Michelle Jackson Finance Manager
    Jane Richardson Senior Pensions Assistant – Finance
    Justina Smith Pensions Assistant – Finance
  • Systems Development Team

    The Systems Development Team manages the pension database and Member Self-Service area for Peninsula Pensions. They update systems and run reports as required by employers, pension fund accounts, and actuaries.
    Name Title
    Jane Aplin Systems and Development Manager
    Richard Tuck Systems and Development Officer
    Edward Hipkiss Senior Pensions Assistant
    James Dyche Senior Pensions Assistant
    Steve Bradford Senior Pensions Assistant
    Tom Bird Senior Pensions Assistant
    Sophie Downer Senior Pensions Assistant
    Daniel Davies Senior Pensions Assistant
  • Investment Team

    Each LGPS administering authority pays its benefits from a dedicated pension fund. Both the scheme member and their employer pay into this fund in order to provide retirement benefits for the member once they reach retirement age, or earlier if the situation demands. The contributions paid into the scheme are invested in a variety of bonds and shares and this is the responsibility of the Investment Management Team.

    Devon Investment Team

    Name Title Phone no.
    Mark Gayler Investment Issues 01392 383621
    Charlotte Thompson Actuarial Issues 01392 381933
    Gary Bidder Monthly Contribution Queries 01392 383363

    Somerset Investment Team

    Name  Title Phone no.
    Anton Sweet Funds and Investment Manager   01823 359584

    More information on Somerset investments

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