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The Police Pension Scheme 2015 was introduced on 1 April 2015. 

It is a defined benefit scheme meaning that the amount of pension you’re paid is based on how many years you’ve worked and the salary you’ve earned.

The 2015 Scheme differs from the 1987 and 2006 Scheme in that it is a career average pension scheme and is calculated using your pay each scheme year rather than your final salary.  

Since 1 April 2015 all new entrants have been automatically enrolled into this scheme. 

Existing members, based on age and service, have fallen into one of three categories:

  • Fully Protected (remain in existing 1987 or 2006 Scheme)
  • Tapered protection (have or will transfer over to 2015 Scheme on an advised date)
  • Unprotected (transferred over to 2015 Scheme on 1 April 2015). 

The Police Pension 2015 Video Guide

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