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Ill-health certificates

Employer Estimate Request form

Bulk strain cost requests – if you are having to go through a redundancy exercise and need just the strain cost figures for more than 8 members, we can process these calculations in bulk. Please contact the Employer and Communications Team for more information.

Leavers Spreadsheet – we will not accept any leavers’ data in any other format. If you need a copy to be sent to you, please contact our Employer & Communications Team. For help with completion, please refer to Our Interfacing Guide.

Revised leaver form – to be used when you have already submitted a leaver but you need to tell us about the additional pensionable pay following a pay award. See our news page for more details.

EAS5 online form for monthly contributions.

Employer Key Decisions Form – to be completed by all employers to confirm how the strain cost is usually paid and if your discretions policy allows the enhancement of member’s benefits.

HR Authorisation Form – For any employer led retirements, your HR department will need to complete the HR Authorisation form.

Employers form to confirm a member’s APC for lost pension – please download the form from our Additional pension contributions/absences guidance page.

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