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For up to date information at your fingertips, scheme members can sign up for a Member Self-Service account.

Alternatively, you can contact Peninsula Pensions by completing the form below.

Please note that we ask scheme members to refer to their annual Personal Benefit Statements or calculate estimates using Member Self-Service, unless within 12 months of retirement when the team will calculate a maximum of 2 estimates for you.

How are we doing?

Whether you are happy or unhappy with our service, please use the form below to let us know.

If you pay into the LGPS and wish to make a formal complaint, information on the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure (IDRP) for the LGPS can be found here.

Police officers who wish to make a formal complaint can find information on appeals and complaints for the Police Pension Scheme here.

If you are a firefighter and wish to make a formal complaint, there is some help for members and information about rights of appeal for the Fire Pension Scheme here.

For additional information please visit The Pensions Ombudsman website.

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