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Team details

Senior Officers

Staff Contact Details – Senior Officers

Senior officers are responsible for overseeing the everyday running of the pension section.  The majority of their work concerns employer / senior management liaison and office procedural compliance, although some public-facing work is carried out (specialist / obscure queries and the complaints procedure being good examples).

Charlotte ThompsonHead of Peninsula Pensions
Shirley CuthbertDeputy Head (Benefits)
Rachel LambDeputy Head (Technical)
Mike GermonTechnical Manager
Viv RayProject Manager
Natalie TaylorPension Benefit Manager

LGPS Benefits (including Fire and Police non-uniformed staff and civilians)

LGPS Benefits (including Fire and Police non-uniformed staff/civilians)

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Benefit teams are responsible for the majority of work performed on behalf of current, deferred and prospective members of the pension scheme. The work ranges from general administration (address / name changes, requests for scheme literature, transfer requests to previous employers) to the actual calculations and payment of retirement benefits.

NameTitleAlphabetical Split
Mark GriffinTeam ManagerA-Dom
Neil PookPensions OfficerA-Dom
Adam AngeloniSnr Pensions AssistantA-Dom
Kalin LaneSnr Pensions AssistantA-Dom
Nick JonesSnr Pensions AssistantA-Dom
David GrahamPensions AssistantA-Dom
Amy GammonTeam ManagerDon-Kik
Chris CollyerPensions OfficerDon-Kik
Tom BirdSenior Pensions AssistantDon-Kik
Sian BondSenior Pensions AssistantDon-Kik
Tania Wallis/Stephanie KingSenior Pensions AssistantDon-Kik
Stuart DappPensions AssistantDon-Kik
Fiona Samways / Marcella ParrTeam ManagerKil-Robe
Nick BaggotPensions OfficerKil-Robe
David MorrisSnr Pensions AssistantKil-Robe
Claire KissaneSnr Pensions AssistantKil-Robe
Nicky CobbSnr Pensions AssistantKil-Robe
Pippa Cutler/Emma HendersonPensions AssistantKil-Robe
Emma SandersTeam ManagerRobi-Z
Lee Jones Pensions OfficerRobi-Z
Paul ToogoodSnr Pensions AssistantRobi-Z
Lee HopkinsSnr Pensions AssistantRobi-Z
Vicky ShepherdSnr Pensions AssistantRobi-Z
Lee HopkinsSnr Pensions AssistantRobi-Z
 Ben SnowdenPensions AssistantRobi-Z

Police Officer and Firefighter Benefits - all aspects of pension benefits

Police Officer/Firefighter Benefits (uniformed – all aspects of pension benefits)

This team performs the same duties for police officers and firefighters that the LGPS Benefit teams provide for local government (and police/fire civilian) employees. The Police and Firefighter Pension Schemes are totally independent of each other and the LGPS.

Phone: option 2




Robert May Team Manager
Rob Kean Senior Pensions Assistant
Elizabeth MillsSenior Pensions Assistant

Finance Administration

Finance Administration

This team is responsible for reconciliation of bank accounts, budget preparation / monitoring, debtor / creditor management and finance liaison within Devon County Council and with external agencies and bodies.

Michelle JacksonFinance Officer
Jane RichardsonSenior Finance Assistant
Justina SmithFinance Assistant

Data Maintenance

Data Maintenance

This team is responsible for, amongst other things; sorting incoming / outgoing post, dealing with deliveries and visitors to the office and scanning all paperwork for the office imaging / tasking system.

Katie WarrenPensions Assistant
Lyn MoorePensions Assistant
Becki WilliamsPensions Assistant
Matt LawlessPensions Assistant

Employer Liaison, Technical and Divorce (LGPS only)

Employer Liaison / Technical & Divorce (LGPS only)

The Employer Liaison / Technical & Divorce team provides communications and support to the various employing authorities of the pension fund, along with all benefit calculations and administration relating to divorce cases, re-employed pensioners and child benefits.


Emma Davies

Tony Sullivan

Team Manager

Pensions Officer

Sarah AddicottSenior Pensions Assistant
Chris HarrisSenior Pensions Assistant
 Kathryn TowlPensions Assistant

Additional Benefits (LGPS only)

Additional Benefits (LGPS only)

The Additional Benefits team is responsible for all AVC and Added Years applications and administration. Queries regarding the purchase of additional service (i.e. in addition to the standard rate of contribution all members pay) should be addressed to this team.

Annette WassTeam Manager
Helen NetteltonSenior Pensions Assistant
Sarah TurnerPensions Assistant

Pension Payments Team

Pension Payments Team

The Pension Payments team is responsible for all aspects of work related to the payment and administration of the monthly pensioner payroll for pensioners of the Devon Pension Fund. Responsibilities include maintaining accurate pensioner records (such as bank account / tax-code / address changes ), liaising with the tax office and other government bodies, and locating and repaying wayward payments.

Xander ThompsonTeam Manager
Jane RandleSenior Pensions Payroll Assistant
John FowlerSenior Pensions Payroll Assistant
Rob OswickPension Payroll Assistant

Systems Development

Systems Development

The Systems Development team is responsible for general systems support and maintenance, end-of-year reconciliations, contribution postings, website administration, managerial/project support and member communications (including the production of Annual Benefit Statements).

Jane AplinSystems Development Officer
Richard Tuck Senior Systems Officer
Edward Hipkiss Senior Systems Team Assistant
Steve BradfordSenior Systems Team Assistant
James DycheSenior Systems Team Assistant
Yemi ThomasSystems Team Assistant

Investment Team

Investment Team

Each LGPS administering authority pays its benefits from a dedicated pension fund. Both the scheme member and their employer pay into this fund in order to provide retirement benefits for the member once they reach retirement age, or earlier if the situation demands. The contributions paid into the scheme are invested in a variety of bonds and shares and this is the responsiblity of the investment management team.

Devon Investment Team Contacts



Mark GaylerInvestment Issues

01392 383891

Martyn WilliamsActuarial Issues

01392 382993

Gary Bidder

Monthly Contribution Queries

01392 383363

Somerset Investment Team Contact



 Anton SweetFunds and Investment Manager

01823 359584

For more information on the Somerset Investments please click here