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Pensions Line is our quarterly newsletter to employers delivered straight to your inbox. A Pensions Line Special is an interim update on important issues.

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  • 2023
    November Consultation Special This Edition includes: Consultation on revised Pensions Administration Strategy
    November Employer Meetings – Final Notice This Edition includes: November Employer Meetings

    November – Employer Meetings Reminder
    This edition includes: Employer Meetings reminder
    OctoberThis edition includes: Missing Pensions Lines – The McCloud Remedy – Member Self Service
    Employer Meeting Special – October This edition includes: Employer meeting information
    SeptemberThis Edition Includes: Providing FTE pay, Correction for new academies in last month’s edition, Correct reason for leaving, Employer Pension Forum, Strike action FAQ, #PensionAttention
    September Special #2This Edition Includes: Members paying additional contributions in 2022/2023
    September Special #1This Edition Includes: Pensions Employer Meetings
    AugustThis Edition Includes: New employers and academies – Internal dispute resolution procedure (IDRP) – Members who are approaching age 75 – Pay your pension some attention – Annual Benefits Statements – New Employer Resources
    August Special #2This Edition Includes: Employer Duties – Consequences of not complying – Provision of data – Making payments to the pension fund
    August Special #1This Edition Includes: Employer Estimates
    JulyThis Edition Includes: Submission of the Leaver Spreadsheet – Pensions Mailboxes – Employer Forms to be Submitted – Returning Officers – Annual Allowance 2022/2023 – Thank you for your Feedback
    July Special #1This edition includes – Employer Estimates Are on Hold
    JuneThis edition includes: Leaver’s spreadsheet – TPR warns employers about auto-enrolment duties – Guarantee for academy trusts outsourcing arrangements – Changing your payroll provider
    June Special #1This edition includes: Are you ready for McCloud? – What will it mean? – Who will it affect?
    MayThis edition includes: Updated LGA employer guides – Leaver’s spreadsheet – Capita cyberattack – Auto interfunds – Annual return (late submissions) – Annual allowance 2022/2023 – Peninsula Pensions at Devon county show
    April This edition includes: Annual Returns Deadline – Forms to be submitted for all employer led retirements – Employer key decision forms – New leaver spreadsheet
    MarchThis edition includes: New Leavers Spreadsheet – Reminder for Employer forms to be submitted – Lifetime and Annual Allowance – Egress Switch.
    FebruaryThis Edition Includes: New Leavers Spreadsheet – Employer Key decisions and HR authorisation forms – Annual Returns 2023 – Employee Contribution Rates from 01 April 2023 – Estimates.
    JanuaryThis Edition Includes: New leavers spreadsheet – Employer Key Decisions Form – Submitting data on CARE interface – Estimates – Average of Best 3 Consecutive Years Pensionable Pay Within the Last 13.
  • 2022
    DecemberThis Edition Includes: New Leavers Spreadsheet – Employer Key Decisions Form
    November Special #2This Edition Includes: Supreme Court Decision Concerning Term-time Workers – Employer Key Decision Form
    November Special #1This Edition Includes: Reminder For Decommission of Employer Self Service and Employers Meeting
    NovemberThis Edition Includes: Summary of Employer’s Meetings regarding decommission of the ESS – End of Work Activities and New Process for Incorrect Leavers – Outstanding Queries and Leavers to be Processed by 30/12/2022 – 2022 Pay Award for Local Government Services and Revised Leavers Forms – Reminder for Employers to Keep Average Pay Records for the best 3 Consecutive Years in the Last 13 – Annual Allowance Estimates
    OctoberThis Edition Includes: Decommission of the ESS and Employers Meeting – TPR Warning for Employers – Team Changes – New Dates for Pensions Awareness Week – Final Pay Bitesize Training and Employer Role Training Video
    SeptemberThis Edition Includes: National Pensions Awareness Day Postponed – Final Pay Bitesize Training and Employer Role Training – Employer Focus Sessions Postponed
    AugustThis Edition Includes: National Pensions Awareness Day 15th September 2022 – Assumed Pensionable Pay – Employer Focus Sessions
    August Special #1 This Edition Includes: Member Self-Service – LGPS Members Only 50/50 Option – Are You Thinking of Retiring? – Pension Scams
    JulyThis Edition Includes: LGPS Leavers Forms – Work Activities – Personal Benefits Statements – Employer Pensions Discretions Policies
    JuneThis Edition Includes: Employer Focus Sessions – Devon Pension Fund Member Survey – Employer Role Training – Statutory Guidance on Special Severance Payments – LGA Guides Updated – Auto Enrolment Guidance – AVC’s and Salary Sacrifice – Employer Pensions Discretions Policy – Annual Allowance 2021/2022
    MayThis Edition Includes: Pensions Annual Return 2021/2022 – Employer Focus Sessions – Employer Discretions Policy – Payment of Invoices for Devon Pension Fund – Annual Allowance 2021/2022
    May Special #1This Edition Includes: Employer Responsibilities and Outstanding Work – Work Activities
    AprilThis Edition Includes: Employer Focus Sessions – Annual Allowance 2021/2022 – Employer Pensions Discretions Policy – Pension Fund Investment Update
    April Special #1This Edition Includes: Employer Role Training
    MarchThis Edition Includes: Russia/Ukraine – REMINDER: Pension Fund Triennial Valuation 2022 – REMINDER: Revised Leaver Forms Following the 2021 Pay Award for Local Government Pension Services – New LGPS Member Website and Brand
    March Special #1This Edition Includes: 2021 Pay Award for Local Government Services
    FebruaryThis Edition Includes: Employer PLOG 2022 – Member Self Service, Action Required – Best of Last 3 Years Pensionable Pay – Employee Contribution Bandings Revised WEF 01/04/2022
    February Special #1This Edition Includes: Employee Contribution Bandings Revised WEF 01/04/2022
    JanuaryThis Edition Includes: Leaver Forms – Apology – IMPORTANT: Pension Fund Triennial Valuation 2022 – Changes to Pensions Benefits Mailbox – Employer Self Services (ESS) Work Activities – Employer PLOG 2022 – New FAQ Page on Website – Important Communication for Your Staff
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