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  • Pay Advices

    We only produce postal pay advices when a member first retires or if there is a change in net payment of £1 or more.

    You may visit our secure Member Self Service portal where we hold details of your monthly payments. You can find a downloadable version in the payment history section.

  • P60's

    Your P60 provides details of the pension we have paid you and the tax deducted in the tax year
    2021/22. The amount before tax shown on your P60 may be different from the annual rate for that
    year for the reasons set out below:

    • If the first payment you received in the tax year included one or more days before the last
    pensions increase.

    • If your pension started during the tax year.

    • If your pension was not paid in full for the whole of the tax year.

  • Pensioner Newsletter

    Each April you will receive a letter confirming the annual pensions increase you are entitled too.

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