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Basic salary, London weighting, increase in pay on temporary promotion and temporary salary count towards pensionable earnings. Allowances are not pensionable.

For the purposes of calculating earned pension, pensionable earnings include:

The assumed pay for any paid element of any period of maternity leave (and any unpaid maternity leave within the first 26 weeks), paid adoption leave or other paid parental leave provided that you have not opted out of the scheme during this period

The pay taken to apply to any periods of unpaid leave (sick leave, unpaid maternity leave, unpaid adoption leave, unpaid maternity support leave, unpaid adoption support leave and unpaid parental leave) for which pension contributions have been bought back.

For more information see Unpaid leave contributions.

Pay during any period of ‘relevant service’ as defined under s.97 of the Police Act 1996 for which pension contributions have been paid.

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