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Current contribution rates are as follows:

Pensionable payContribution rate 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021
Up to £27,81811.0%
£27,819 to £51,515 12.9%
£51,516 to £142,500 13.5%
£142,501 or more 14.5%

The pensionable pay shown in Column 1, in the case of part-time regular firefighters and retained and volunteer firefighters would be that of a whole-time regular firefighter of equivalent role and length of service.  It would not take into account certain reductions in pay, e.g. during sick leave, or leave of absence. 

The relevant contribution rate will be determined on commencement of membership and then at the start of each subsequent financial year (1st April). 

If, in the course of a financial year, you have a change in Scheme employment or a material change which affects your pensionable pay, to the extent that the revised amount of your pensionable pay falls into a different contribution band, the authority will advise you of a change in contribution rate and the date from which the change will be applied. 

Employer contributions as determined by the Scheme Actuary and the Secretary of State are paid by the authority, together with any additional costs which have to be borne by the employer, e.g. relating to ill-health retirement or employer initiated early retirement.

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