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Please see below for the current rates of member contributions.

If you are ineligible for ill-health benefits you will pay contributions at a reduced rate (see Your pension scheme and Compulsory ill-health retirement and early payment of deferred pension on ill-health grounds).

TierMembersMembers ineligible for ill-health retirement benefits
Tier 1 (full-time pensionable earnings at and below £27,000 per year)12.44%9.94%
Tier 2 (full-time pensionable earnings above £27,000 but below £60,000 per year)13.44%10.94%
Tier 3 (full-time pensionable earnings at and above £60,000 per year)13.78%11.28%

Contributions are deducted from pay before it is assessed for income tax, so you will automatically receive full income tax relief at the applicable rate.

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