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What is Member Self-Service?

Members’ Self Service is your personal and secure pension account.

What will I find there?

Membership Details – your personal details and the opportunity to change them.

Service Breaks – all your service breaks are listed – such as for absence or strike.

Financial Details – your current employer, your pensionable pay, and your contribution rate.

Benefits Projectors – you can run an estimate of projected figures for:

  • Deferred Benefits – ‘Deferred benefits’ simply means the benefits you will receive on retirement. This section includes details on the amount of pension and lump sum you will receive along with details of your spouse’s pension (if applicable).
  • Death Benefits – Death benefits are the benefits that are paid if you die in service. Here you will find the figure for your death grant lump sum to be paid to your nominated person, the figure for your spouse’s pension (if applicable) and the figure for your children’s pension (if applicable).
  • Voluntary Retirement – Projected figures to your normal retirement age which can also be adapted for early retirement.
  • Death Grant Nomination – You can amend who your death grant goes to and in what proportions. Both spouses and children can be nominated.
  • Member Documents – Your Annual Benefit Statements and other correspondence sent directly to your account.

For help with using the benefit projector, please take a look at our guide.

How do I sign up?

  1. Go to Member Self Service.
  2. Input your details to create your account – you will need an email address to use Member Self Service.

For help registering for Member Self Service please take a look at our video or registration guide. We also have a guide on navigating Member Self Service and an FAQ webpage.

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