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This page describes how you can access information that we hold about you in line with the Data Protection Act.

Rights of Access

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, Peninsula Pensions have a duty to protect the personal data processed and to inform members about how their data is managed and used by us.

In line with the act, an individual has a right to request information held about them.  A request for information about an individual other than the subject of the information will be rejected except in the following circumstances:

  • parents may request information about a child under 16;
  • a Solicitor/Professional Advisor may request information on behalf of an  individual with that individual’s approval.

You can request access to your information using  our ‘Contact us’ page.

What is the process?

A request may be made in writing, by email or on the phone.

Once a request is received we will have 30 calendar days in which to respond to your request.  For requests relating to the LGPS Devon Fund, we will provide the information to  you direct as Data Controller.  For requests relating to the LGPS Somerset Fund / Gloucestershire Firefighter Schemes / or Avon & Somerset Police Schemes, as Data Processor we will need to refer your request to the Data Controller before releasing the documents. 

In some cases, where there is a large amount of information, we may need to contact you to extend the timeframe for a response. A full explanation of the reasons for the required extension will be provided and you will be given the opportunity to reduce or confirm the information you are seeking.

Peninsula Pensions will review all records held about you by ourselves, this may be across a number of different pension records, should you hold separate pension accounts.  It would therefore be useful if you could please specify the information that you are seeking.

Once we have collated all the information, Peninsula Pensions will provide the information in the manner requested, either by email or by post. If you require hard copies in the post, these will be sent by secure recorded delivery to the address held on record.

We are unable to send the documents to another address apart from professional advisors where written and signed permission has been given.

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