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Allocation offers you the option to give up part of your pension at retirement to provide a pension for a surviving partner or other dependant after your death.

An election to allocate must be given no later than the day before benefits become payable and no earlier than 2 months before. This could be in respect of more than one beneficiary. It is subject to medical evidence of good health and normal life expectancy. Up to one third of the annual rate of the pension can be allocated but the amount provided as a pension on allocation depends upon the age and sex of the firefighter and of the nominee. 

The allocated pension would be paid from the date the scheme pensioner dies, but if the nominee were to predecease the member, the portion of pension allocated would be restored with effect from the date the nominee dies. 

In addition, the nomination would cease to have effect if the nominee ceases to meet rules of eligibility or doesn’t comply with the specific tax rules for death benefits.

If you’re interested in this option, the fire and rescue authority’s pension administrator can give you a personalised quote and relevant information before your pension becomes due.

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