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Following the announcement that the Local Government Services National Joint Council (NJC) 2023/24 pay award has been agreed and back dated to 1 April 2023, any members who have left or retired since 1 April 2023 will need their benefits to be recalculated on the revised pensionable pay.

If you have a policy to award the backpay to leavers, you will need to provide us with a revised leaver form for each affected member.

Please do not add these members to the leavers spreadsheet again as this will complicate our processes. Instead we ask that you:

• Please download the revised leaver form

• Attach ALL of your completed revised leaver forms to 1 email and send it to the Employer & Communications team mailbox: clearly stating ‘Revised Leaver Forms re pay award’ in the subject line.

Please note that this process is only for post April 2023 leavers for whom you have already submitted a leaver form. You will need to use the Leavers spreadsheet in the normal way for any leavers you have not previously told us about.

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