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If you have left eligible service with an entitlement to a deferred pension and you are re-engaged as a member of a police force, your gap in service will affect how your pension is treated.

If you are re-engaged after less than 5 years:

  • your earlier service and later service will form part of a continuous period of pensionable service
  • your 2015 Scheme pension will be revalued as if during the gap in service you were an active member (in line with the Consumer Price Index +1.25% per year) but you received no pensionable earnings.
  • you will continue to accrue earned pension when you are re-engaged

The above does not apply if you opt out on returning to eligible service.

If you were re-engaged after 5 years or more, your original 2015 Scheme pension will remain a deferred pension and you begin a new continuous period of pensionable service.

You may qualify for a separate pension in addition to your deferred pension. There is no option to join up these benefits to make a single pension.

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